At the 20th century, our building was classified as an historic monument, which in one way saves the old substance, but also makes any new constructional changes or adjustments to the building nearly impossible. For this reason we kept the original architecture and construction of the hotel staircase, which at the same time is the frame of a rather small elevator.

The Ringstrasse as the name already says, goes around the inner city like a ring. Because of the traffic during the night we have installed soundproof windows. Still, we cannot guarantee you absolute silence. The utmost we can do, is to offer you a room on the higher floors or some of the rooms facing to the inner yard.

As a City Hotel, we approach mainly city and business travelers and therefore we are not equipped with a wellness or any sport facilities. We will gladly provide you with necessary information about any of these in our area, if requested. For your relaxation we can offer you our »mobile massage service.

We are a declared NON SMOKING - HOTEL, as we are certain, that you rather prefer to stay in a fresh smelling room, than in a smoky one. Therefore, we ask you not to smoke in the room, but have placed for your convenience at the Hotel entrance an ashtray.

A part of the house is our Burger-Restaurant SAIT THE BUTCHER TO THE COW and  furthermore, we also have the Nightclub PLATZHIRSCH, where celebrities of Vienna and others meet. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday night it also operates as a disco. Our hotel guests will receive VIP status in this club.
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