Concerns that civilians, particularly women and children, account for the vast majority of those adversely affected by armed conflicts, especially forming the majority of refugee and internally displaced persons, have reaffirmed the important role of women in the prevention and resolution of conflicts. JOY YESUFU , in this report, stresses the importance of equal participation of women and their full involvement in all efforts in the maintenance and promotion of peace and security. I n , the United Nations Security Council Resolution UNSCR formally acknowledged, through the creation of Resolution , the changing nature of warfare, in which civilians are increasingly targeted, and women continue to be excluded from participation in peace processes. UNSCR addresses, not only the inordinate impact of war on women, but also the pivotal role women should and do play in conflict management, conflict resolution, and sustainable peace. Over the past 15 years, the Council has adopted subsequent resolutions: , , , , , and , and to support and strengthen UNSCR The resolution has since become an organising framework for the Women, Peace and Security WPS agenda, which focuses on advancing the components of Resolution Supporting Resolutions: Resolution condemned sexual violence as a weapon of war and declares rape and other forms of sexual violence as war crimes. Resolution mandates the peacekeeping missions to prevent and respond to sexual violence, which led to the creation of the Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict. It also establishes Women Protection Advisors to be deployed with peacekeeping missions. Resolution addresses impunity on sexual violence in armed conflicts and operationalises past resolutions. It also recognises that sexual violence in conflict can also affect men and boys, as well as the community-wide trauma that sexual violence can inflict. She said involvement of women in peace and security building is necessary for a balanced outcome since they are the most hit in crisis situations. Osakwe said although Nigeria adopted UNSCR resolution, which reaffirms the important role of women in prevention and resolution of conflicts, peace building among others, its implementation has been slow. She said women, when given the opportunity, could play positive roles in issues of peace and security in Nigeria and bring about lasting solutions calling on men and boys to be allies of women in building peace in every community in Nigeria. Osakwe said women could mobilise themselves, they could contribute to dialogue like in other climes and could also mobilise at the grassroots, which would culminate in a stable society. She said women could also talk to their children and husbands that they want peace in their communities, thus achieving peace by talking to one another. Mr Senator Iroegbu, WANEP Media Consultant, said the role of women in peace building can not be overemphasised adding that they have been playing such roles since historic times. NAPs cannot be a one size fits all because the context of each nation differs. Nigeria has developed her second NAP, which was launched in May UNSCR affirms that peace and security efforts are more sustainable when women are equal partners in the prevention of violent conflicts, the delivery of relief and recovery efforts and in the forging of lasting peace. Wednesday, October 21, Share on Facebook Tweet this. Tags: Exclusively Woman with Joy Yusufu. Share Tweet. Related Posts. Next Post. Beware Android Generation October 21, Welcome Back! Login to your account below. Forgotten Password?

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