By Jennifer Smith For Dailymail. Oxenberg, 29, was speaking in an interview with Good Morning America on Wednesday - the latest in a string to promote a documentary about the cult in which she appears - when she described how Mack would limit her calorie intake. She also told how she cooperated with prosecutors for nine months to put Keith Raniere, the cult leader, behind bars, and gave them a flashdrive that contained incriminating evidence against him. She did it strategically. She knew that I was in a vulnerable place in my life and I was desperate for something and she targeted me for that,' India said. India Oxenberg said Allison Mack recruited her to become her slave when he was 'vulnerable' then controlled her life, including what she ate, when they were in NXIVM. Mack is shown, right, at court. She is in jail now sex trafficking charges. In the Starz documentary Seduce that airs on October 18, she gives more details. Before eating anything, I had to ask permission so, "master may I please have 90 calories. India then had to start recruiting women to join the sexual sub-society of NXIVM, but she said she was a ineffective. I was not a good master, I didn't want to control this person,' she said. India had joined the cult in She did not turn on them until , when her mother - Dynasty actress Catherine Oxenberg - was finally able to get through to her. She then started collaborating with prosecutors to build their case against Raniere. Mack and Oxenberg together in in Mack's Brooklyn home. Oxenberg ended up cooperating with prosecutors to put Mack and leader Keith Raniere behind bars. As part of her cooperation, India gave them a flash-drive which contained incriminating evidence on it. It's unclear what exactly was on the drive but it helped put him behind bars. Raniere was convicted of child sex trafficking and child porn charges and is awaiting sentencing. I cooperated with the prosecutors for nine months. Up until this point, these people were my friends and people that I trusted and admired,' India said on Thursday. Her mother, who joined her for the interview, said she feared India would go to prison too. Elsewhere in the interview, India described being 'raped' by Raniere after he 'commanded' her to perform a 'seduction assignment'. Keith Raniere is in jail awaiting sentencing on a range of charges including child sex trafficking and child porn. The branding of his initials that members received is shown, right. What I was learning was the opposite. It was inhumane. She spent seven years being 'groomed' by Raniere and other leaders. When you're unaware it's so easy to be led astray especially by people who are masters at manipulation. Especially Keith Raniere.

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