I am fairly new to the teaching profession, but this past year I had the opportunity to teach part-time at a combined middle school and high school in a small suburban area. I teach grades in a variety of team sports and fitness activities. My school is one of the smaller school districts in Massachusetts with only approximately students from grade My class sizes are small as well with my largest class of 30 students between two teachers. This was quite a change for me from my student teaching practicum that took place at an urban high school with students from grades Despite the different academic settings I have been a part of; I have developed my own teaching philosophy for every place I teach. I believe that my job as a professional is to create a positive learning environment; build confidence in students; have students experience success; challenge students; and to promote them to stay physically active for their entire life. Students need to understand how to stay healthy, but they also need to be engaged in physical activities that create enjoyment in the classroom. I try to stay enthusiastic and humorous with my students every day because students tend to learn the best when they are having fun. Technology has changed the educational system immensely over the last two decades. Almost every single aspect of a students learning is performed on a computer. Technology has made learning much more efficient, but at times these new advances are so attractive to students that they literally become addicted to the device. Everyday that I walk down the halls in my school I see almost every student using their cell phones, laptops, ipads, and other electronic devices. As I watch each student, I can clearly see that they are completely focused and engaged into that device. These are the type of devices that could possibly prevent students from wanting to get outside and play a sport or participate in another physical activity. Though, instead of trying to rid the advances and addiction of these technological devices; I feel physical educators should bring technology into the classroom that will engage students in physical activity as much as their cell phone does. This will give students something to relate to and they will be more likely to be focused and engaged in physical education. There is constantly new equipment used solely for physical education being produced on the market. Many of this equipment can help teachers and students collect fitness data in a more efficient manner. Fitness software programs and heart rate monitors can help students actually notice the changes that take place to their bodies through physical activity. I think that through this equipment, students will be more engaged in physical activity if they can see themselves getting healthier and stronger. Students are able to create work out plans, meal trackers, and set goals for their individual needs. This is extremely beneficial to promoting physical activity in physical education. These software programs also might limit the time a student plays a video game on their phone an instead log into a meal tracker to keep track of the calories they are taking in for the day. Technology in physical education also has the potential to make physical educators better teachers. We are able to collect fitness data from each individual student and then review areas of fitness that students need to improve on. As I mentioned previously, I believe technology in physical education can be beneficial if used appropriately. Physical educators still need to be able to teach students locomotive, manipulative, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. Technology can help inhibit student learning, but it can also take away skill development. For example, the Wii and Xbox Kinect systems allow students to perform a skill on a television screen, but they are not experiencing the skill in real life.

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