From sea to shining sea and every city in between, there are people lighting up and reaping the benefits of cannabis. But where in the U. Every state comes with its set of stereotypes: California has surf boards and acai bowls, Texas has diesel trucks and bumper stickers, and Florida has gator wrestling and bath salts. While some states are shoe-ins, some others might surprise you. Fast forward 23 years, and California sold a projected 3. While California has the highest legal marijuana sales in the nation, its huge population prevents it from cracking the top ten in terms of percentage of population using marijuana by state. However, more recent statistics suggest that percentage has risen to The Great Lakes State serves as the first dark horse in this group, inching out California with a reported Still, approximately 1. While that number might be surprising to many, some major Michigan cities have been proponents of lenient cannabis laws for years. Since the s, the college town of Ann Arbor has had very loose possession laws — with possession of small amounts of weed being totally decriminalized. At the time, these laws were seen as the most lenient in the country. Once Michigan did legalize the recreational use of marijuana, the state had already been benefiting from the medical cannabis market for years, generating approximately 1 billion dollars in alone. Sources show that However, there have been recent strides in New Mexico to finally decriminalize pot, with Gov. Grisham signing a bill that makes first-time possession of up to a half ounce of cannabis a petty misdemeanor offense. History has an odd way of working itself out. In , Massachusetts became the first state in the U. On November 20th, — nearly years later — Massachusetts became the first East Coast state with recreational marijuana stores. With more than 30 licensed recreational cannabis stores in the already small state, along with dozens of cultivators and manufacturers, those sales are only going to increase. A reported With an estimated population of 6. In New Hampshire, cannabis is still illegal for recreational use, despite multiple pushes to consider a change in policy. In , state legislature voted in favor of a bill that seeked to legalize the sale and personal use of cannabis. Unfortunately, debates on tax issues stalled the bill into limbo. Efforts have since refocused to a bill that would simply legalize possession and home cultivation of weed — leaving out production and sale. Though that bill also passed in the House, the coronavirus has derailed voting plans for the Senate. Despite that, Still, a glimmer of hope exists in New Hampshire decriminalizing weed back in , as well as Senate Bill , which allows MMJ to cultivate their own cannabis. Though

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