As of January , Microsoft sites handled a quarter of all search queries in the United States. For starters, Bing has a rewards program that allows one to accumulate points while searching. These points are redeemable at the Microsoft and Windows stores, which is a nice perk. Bing carries that same clean user experience to video, making it the go-to source for video search without a YouTube bias. Yandex is an overall easy-to-use search engine. This search engine is perfect if you need music for a video, an image for a blog post, or anything else without worrying about an angry artist coming after you for ripping off their work. The way CC Search works is simple — it draws in results from platforms such as Soundcloud, Wikimedia, and Flickr and displays results labeled as Creative Commons material. Swisscows is a unique option on this list, billing itself as a family-friendly semantic search engine. That means you can run your searches in peace without having to worry about the boogeyman watching you through your computer screen. DuckDuckGo is the perfect choice for those who wish to keep their browsing habits and personal information private. Search Encrypt is a private search engine that uses local encryption to ensure your searches remain private. When you input a query, Search Encrypt will pull the results from its network of search partners and deliver the requested information. One of the best parts of Search Encrypt is that your search terms will eventually expire, so your information will remain private even if someone has local access to your computer. It is the perfect search engine for those who appreciate community-led information as found on sites like Wikipedia. This search engine queries its results from a wide variety of message boards and forums online. You should be able to find the forum you want with just a few keystrokes. Interestingly, Ekoru puts its money where its mouth is, using renewable energy sources for its data centers and taking a stand for civil rights by not storing any user or search-related data on their servers. Looking to save the planet, one tree at a time? Then check out this environmentally friendly search engine! To battle this issue, Ecosia uses the revenues generated from search engine queries to plant trees. Typically Ecosia needs around 45 searches to plant a new tree. You can also search for ebooks and PDFs, making it an excellent tool if you have a business presentation to prepare for. SlideShare also allows you to save slides and even download the entire slideshow for use on your local computer. As the name implies, this search engine queries a massive collection of documented material, including millions of free videos, books, music, and software. Essentially, the Internet Archive is a vast online library where you can access just about anything you could imagine. Google may be the most popular choice in search engines, but it may not always be the best choice, depending on your needs and priorities. Many of these alternative search engines can provide a better user experience than Google. Whether you are concerned about privacy or just want to explore your options, there are plenty of search engines to experiment with. Category Tools. Read the Next Article.

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