Click to Check. Project and Seminar Material for Mass Communication. Follow the steps below. Samphina Academy is a reputable online educational resource centre that is duly registered with the CAC Corporate Affairs Commission under the federal law with RC:- The material will be delivered to your email address by making an order. Follow us on Facebook. Now what? You have found yourself at that point where you have to defend. Of course you have to stand in front of your supervisor and other literary personalities to prove that you know what you wrote in your project paper. Unfortunately, the more you think about it, the more it looks like you are about to face a legion. It is not a war. But the emotion of dread welling up inside of you makes it look like one. So now you are asking yourself questions. You really want to nail it, but you need to come to terms with exactly how to get everything in perfect control. Especially your emotions of fear that seem to make a wreck of you every time you think about public speaking. So here is the deal. I want to help you avoid that feeling that would ruin your precious moment if you dare to let it. And we are going to do it together. Consider these tips as you prepare for your defence. We will be taking them one after the other so here we go. Can you tell that a person is falling apart if they look confident? Remind yourself that you need to come out that way. Now this might seem like a huge big deal when you are dealing with the foreboding. So find your most comfortable position, sitting or standing and draw up your body. You must exude confidence. It is something you need to do for yourself. People can only see what you allow your body language to show. So you must endeavour to put that out. Remember the story of David and Goliath? Am sure this one is a no brainer. However I must highlight that you choose comfortable pieces. Going hand to hand with that aura of confidence is your most powerful asset: your words. To be able to pull this off, you definitely need to speak as deliberately as possible in expressing yourself. Let them also hear what they see. I have often found this to come to my rescue in dealing with shyness and conveying my confidence. Usually it gives you an edge to also drive home your point. You must, however, ensure that you do not over use it. That would be absolutely unnecessary.

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