This assignment must be submitted individually. This is to encourage you to write concisely]. Thus to assist your education, and to make your study more interesting and useful, it is strongly suggested that you follow current economic debates through the media. It will be assumed that you have kept abreast of them. So as to encourage you to take an active interest in current events, you will be required to submit a media assignment. This media assignment is to contain one newspaper or online articles on two topics covered in lectures. A list of topics can be found below. You are required to write two 2 -pages analysis on the article discussing the relevance of the news item to the concepts you have studied in this subject. You are expected to integrate as best as possible the theory presented in lectures with the material in the article. A list of relevant topics for the article analysis is given below. Presentation Your media assignment should be typed on A4 sized paper in size 12 font preferably in New Times Roman with single line spacing. A maximum of two 2 pages is to be written for your chosen newspaper or magazine article. A separate sheet of A4 paper is allowed for theoretical diagrams and reference list in addition to the two pages of text. A cover sheet, which is found at the end of MIB document, should be used as the coversheet for your assignment. All pages are to be stapled in the top left-hand corner. Assignments should NOT be placed in plastic sleeves or contain any form of binding. Format A. Coversheet required B. Article [Newspaper or Magazine article must be attached ] C. Introduction — Identify key points or issues from the article — Choose the topics and economic models that would help you with your analysis. Economic Analysis sub-headings — provide appropriate definitions of relevant theories — application of these theories to the key issues identified in the chosen article — diagram explanation iii. Conclusion and Suggestion sub-headings D. References sub-headings minimum 3 and references allowed are economics books, economics e-books or journal articles only 1 page F. Written English Language Proficiency You are expected to produce a piece of work giving attention to Grammar, Spelling, and Sentence Structure Referencing and Plagiarism You need to ensure that you comply with Harvard referencing conventions in preparing this assignment and that plagiarism is not an issue. You are expected to adhere to high standards of academic integrity and all assignments submitted in this course may be checked for plagiarism, using text comparison software and other means. It is your responsibility, if unsure; to make sure you understand plagiarism, so that you do not present any assessment containing plagiarism. Plagiarism is regarded as a serious issue within the university system with severe consequences for students who have been found to have plagiarised. Subject to any specific requirements of external validating or professional bodies, where a student is found to have committed an assessment offence a decision must be taken either to take no further action or to impose an appropriate penalty which may include failing the student and determining whether or not the student will be permitted another assessment attempt. Where it is decided that penalty is to be imposed, the penalty could include one of the following: a the mark for the assignment be reduced; or b the mark awarded for the assignment be reduced to zero; or c the student be deemed to have failed the module and is not permitted for another assessment attempt for the module. Percentage of Turnitin similarity index. If this similarity is not fulfilled, the module leader will provide adequate justifications and send the assignments to the Academic Integrity Officer for examination.

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