Church and ministry leadership resources to better equip, train and provide ideas for today's church and ministry leaders, like you. Written by Sid Jansma, Jr. Let me state my positions on pro-life and politics and religion very clearly: I am a lifelong Republican. I am strongly anti-abortion. I am anti-abortion because of my Christian commitments. Yet, because of my Christian commitments, I seek to be thoroughly pro-life, not just anti-abortion. And, because of my Christian commitments, I cannot endorse Trump. In addition to his obvious character defects, Trump does more harm than good including even the good of appointing conservative, pro-life judges. So, I will vote for Biden for President. That means that most people must put up with some beliefs and practices they disagree with and even find repugnant. Liberty, of course, creates the space for the free expression of religion; I thank God that I live in a country founded on liberty. As a consequence, though, some people have to put up with my perhaps repugnant to them religious beliefs just as I have to put up with their beliefs and practices with which I disagree. The chief threat to liberty is when the group in power forces their beliefs and practices on everyone. Take China. Better to have liberty for all than one group in ideological control. Take Saudi Arabia. If the Saudi government finds out that a Muslim has become an atheist or converted to Christianity, it can and sometimes does chop off their head. Liberty with no group in ideological control is best for everyone. Better for Christians in China and Saudi Arabia. Living with such compromises is the price we pay for the benefits of living in a free and democratic society. And the vast majority of Americans is clearly on the side of pro-choice with restrictions. It is prideful to believe that we, above all people, have everything just right while everyone else is wrong or even wicked and then impose our beliefs on everyone. And yet, in a healthy Democracy, Christians should engage in the public square—courageously and wisely and always with humility—to promote what they see as contributing to the common good. While I think the abortion issue is extremely important, I think there is a host of other life and death issues that require careful judgment. Pro-life cannot and should not be restricted to being anti-abortion. There are many ways to be pro-life. For example, automotive regulations, from seat belts to stop signs, are life and death. What if each person freely decided how fast they wanted to drive? Pro-life considerations guided the setting of speed limits and the imposition of airbags. Environmental protections are pro-life. Just over one hundred years ago, companies poured untreated chemicals into our water systems and belched untreated air into the atmosphere; industrial cities were death-traps.

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