Advanced Search Search Tips. Dinosaurs in the Bible and on the Ark. Posted on 17th Oct Scroll Down On Landing Pages. Excerpts: Darwin considered the Australian Aborigines as primitive and not much evolved from the "anthropoid apes". He prophesied that the "wilder races", as he called them, would become extinct because survival of the fittest meant they would be superseded by the evolutionarily-advanced "civilized" races. By advanced he was referring to his own European Caucasoid "race", of course. It's about time evolution was recognized for what it is - a degrading, racist, philosophy that is not supported by the scientific evidence, but by clever artwork. Don't let them subconsciously turn you into a racist with their subtle evolutionary icons. The Darwinian Roots of the Nazi Tree. Baucham, Ken Ham, Dr. The free Christian resources above contain crucially important Biblical truth related to our time, refuting some of Satan's major lies in our day. Please take 50 minutes to listen to at lest the first free MP3, by Dr. Baucham, in the middle column of the landing page of the link above. You'll be glad you did, as it exposes what racism really is, according to the Bible. It also shows how the definition of racism used by almost all people today is Satanic and unBiblical, as it does not align, as the most basic of levels, with the teaching of the Bible! Steven Dilday. He prophesied that the 'wilder races', as he called them, would become extinct because survival of the fittest meant they would be superseded by the evolutionarily-advanced 'civilized' races. Steven Dilday on the Puritan Hard Drive. Puritan Hard Drive Reviews. Joel Beeke, Dr. Voddie Baucham, et al. Waldensian churches and the German Protestants in , to adhere to the Reformed religion: the oath taken in by the Senate and people of Geneva to the leading articles of the Christian religion and discipline as then reformed; this engagement being afterwards extended, as a league so as to include Berne and Lausanne : the covenants of the Hungarian, Transylvanian, and Holland reformers : and, lastly, and chiefly, the covenants of our ancestors in the British islands. In fact, it has been truly said that "the history of the church's reformation in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, is written in her covenants. John Calvin, during the First Reformation, showed that he supported the concept of Covenanted Reformation by requiring all the residents of Geneva to take an oath in support of the Reformation. The 'Register of the Council of 24' of Geneva notes as follows: 12 November It was reported that yesterday the people who had not yet made their oath to the reformation were asked to do so, street by street; whilst many came, many others did not do so. No one came from the German quarter. It was decided that they should be commanded to leave the city if they did not wish to swear to the reformation Scribner, Bob and Pamela Johnston. Demonstrates how social covenanting and close communion were practiced by John Calvin in Geneva. Furthermore, demonstrates that John Calvin, in his desire to uphold sola Scriptura and promote further Reformation, saw the faithful implementation of these two ordinances social covenanting and close communion as the means ordained of God to extend, protect, and consolidate the work of the Holy Spirit -- in the individual, civil, and especially the ecclesiastical battle against the man of sin in his day. Modern Calvinists have been told little about what John Calvin really stood for -- concerning many important areas of Biblical teaching. The specific information included in this title, regarding God's work through Calvin, is once again being made available for those with eyes to see through the research, publications and web site at PuritanDownloads. If you are interested in real Reformation and you don't mind owning up to the hard truths of Scripture promoted by our Reformed forefathers, then you will find this item a meaty little snack. The Westminster Standards including the Confession of Faith and Catechisms were the fruit of the covenanted uniformity aimed at in the Solemn League and Covenant.

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