We get roofs right the first time, guiding you through a transparent process that is efficient, painless, and as contact-less as you'd prefer. We're a welcome relief for our construction partners, commercial building managers, and condo property managers. We'll work with you to find valuable solutions for your roofing needs. Our award winning service extends to gutters, insulation, roof maintenance programs, roof repairs, snow and ice removal, soffit and fascia work, in depth roof reports, and much more. Give us a call today. I have recommended them to friends and family who have enjoyed similarly positive experiences. He will go out of his way to help you and checks-in to make sure that you are happy with the service. His crew did an awesome job and I will regularly recommend him to all of our friends and family. Fast and dependable! Russ is knowledgeable, personable and trustworthy. Before we were scheduled to replace our roof, there was a rain storm and our roof began leaking into one of our upstairs bedrooms. Russ came over and fixed the problem. He spent a great deal of time answering questions and assisting in the right choice of product for our roof. I would highly recommend Summit Point roofing for a beautiful, quality driven result. Chase was a breath of fresh air when he showed up and was able to diagnose the issue as a simple repair along our dormer flashing. Once again thank you Summit Point for helping out this new homeowner and not taking advantage of me! We had a complex roof in Heritage Hill and Summit Point paid great attention to detail in taking care of our repairs. They did an incredible job of repairing the roof while maintaining the character of our home in some tough spots. The guys were courteous and communicated with our neighbor who we share a driveway with as he went to and from work. The site was clean and you couldn't tell they were ever here after they left. Highly recommend. Our employees and ownership ascribe to a set of principles that guide our business everyday. Our team works hard, enjoys each other's company, and are all devoted to deliverng great roofs for our customers who trust us with their hard earned money. Essays with good introductions Essays with good introductions. Need a roofing job done by professional, trustworthy people? Look no further. Quick, Contact-less Quotes. As West Michigan's top roofers, we now how to provide you with you a great service experience and even better work. Have a roofing need? Email, Call, or text us today.

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