It shows "real people in modified situations, saying unscripted lines but in a structured way. The first series consisted of 10 episodes and ran for 30 minutes, with a Christmas special following later in the year. Due to popularity, the runtime was extended to minute episodes and renewed for a year's airing. On 28 February , with the announcement of the cast for the show's twentieth series , it was confirmed that instead of the usual three series per year, ITVBe would only be airing two series, but with more episodes. On 20 March , it was announced that filming for the upcoming twenty-sixth series had been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. ITV said the move was to ensure the "safety of the cast and crew". This is a list of main and supporting cast members currently appearing in the series. From series 1—3, the main cast received star billing in the opening credits and were credited by their first names. The genre of "scripted reality" has attracted much criticism for a lack of authenticity, or indeed outright deception. The show has been criticised for its negative and stereotypical representation of Essex , and there have been a number of complaints to ITV2. It's not acting. It's not like they've got people from America and said 'Right, act like you think you know where Essex is. On 24 October , it was reported that sisters Sam and Billie Faiers had been attacked by a group of girls on a night out: "The sisters were first targeted inside the club when the girls made off with Billie's handbag When they left, the gang followed them back to Essex. They are fine now, just a bit shocked, although Sam has been left with two black eyes. In May , it was reported that original cast member Lauren Goodger had fallen out with the show's director for her bad timekeeping on set and her diva demands. Goodger appeared in the first four episodes of series 5, and was suspended from appearing in the show, however on 18 May , it was confirmed that the issues had been resolved and that Goodger would be returning to the programme. Goodger returned in episode 9 and her absence from the show was not mentioned on screen. Mario Falcone reacted to the rumours by saying, "If he comes on Monday's live show, that's fine because it's all for charity, but if he comes on TOWIE as a main character, I'll leave. We hate him. He's a douche bag. The live episode was called "an utter car crash" [18] and "possibly the worst TV show ever". The show is filmed just a few days in advance, and is narrated by Denise van Outen , who is a native of the Essex town of Basildon. The first series ran initially for four weeks, airing every Wednesday and Sunday. The second series consisted of 14 episodes, ending on 4 May The series returned for a third series on 25 September and was the final series to feature two of the original cast members Mark Wright whose departure was seen in the final episode while Kirk Norcross departed off-screen like Childs. The series ended on 9 November Digital Spy reported that the series had been renewed for a further four series following the Christmas Special and would air four episode runs in Production restarted again in June, the case were filming while social distancing and with a limited crew. Fresh Out of Essex was a set of 35 mini online 5—12 minute episodes that were uploaded onto the official website when the series was off air in In December , the cast of the series released a cover of the Wham! All profits from the single went to Text Santa. The album is mixed by Lauren Pope. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Towie disambiguation. British reality series.

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