Your assignment must be submitted by All questions must be answered. With regards to formatting, your assignment must be typed with 1. Size 12 font must be used. The task is a common law assignment, so you are NOT required to discuss any legislation at all. It is essential that you cite relevant authorities cases wherever possible to support your reasoning in each answer. Your work must be appropriately referenced, using footnotes. Where you state a legal principle from a case, you must provide a citation for that case. If you are stating a legal principle that is covered in the textbook or lecture and which does not have a relevant case provided in the textbook, you should cite the textbook. You are not expected to use any materials beyond the lectures and the set textbook. But if you do, you must provide appropriate citations. No bibliography is required. Format your citations according to the citation guide at the end of this document. Your assignment must be 1, words or fewer, excluding all footnotes. You must state the word count on the front page of your assignment. If you fail to provide this, the marker will be forced to estimate the word count, and this may lead to penalties. You must also state the details of your seminar on the front page of your assignment. This includes the day and time and location of your seminar, and the name of your seminar leader. Assignment submission is electronic only, via the link on LMS. Do not email your assignment to your seminar leader or the subject coordinator. Your assignment will not be marked unless and until you have completed electronic submission. You should receive an email receipt confirming your submission. You are responsible for ensuring submission is successful. Should any technical problems arise, and you are unable to provide an email receipt, we will assume that you never attempted to submit an assignment. You can only submit your assignment once. Submission is final. You will not be able to access your Turnitin originality report. Teaching staff will be checking these reports. You must not plagiarise. To avoid plagiarism, make sure you acknowledge all your sources with appropriate citations. Academic misconduct is taken extremely seriously at La Trobe University. Further information about plagiarism and academic misconduct is provided in the Subject Learning Guide. You may use a bilingual dictionary, but you must not use any online tools for changing or translating text. Further information about policies on late submission, applying for an extension, etc. They have been friends for over 20 years having met during their undergraduate studies at La Trobe University. Sinclair and Roman try as much as possible to have lunch together once a week to keep up their friendship. On one of those occasions, Sinclair discussed his intention to buy a second-hand car for his 18 years old daughter, Nikola, who is now studying accounting at La Trobe University. The family live about two hours away from La Trobe Uni and access by public transport has been extremely difficult. Roman invites Sinclair to his house to inspect the car.

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