You always thought that looking good is something superficial and not worthy of your attention. But the truth is that style matters, even for men. There are plenty of benefits to be had from taking care of yourself and how you look. For starters, being stylish can make you more attractive. At work and play, being better dressed enables you to make an excellent first impression. Men who dress well are more likely to get the job they are applying for and typically get promoted faster. But more importantly, dressing well directly affects you. The better you dress up, the more confident you become in yourself. Your clothes can change how you think about and carry yourself. How does dressing well correlate with taking good care of your body? There is actually a significant connection. Strive to eat healthier fare and exercise regularly. Pay attention to your grooming habits. Trends come and go. And if you have hardly any knowledge about fashion, things can get overwhelming fast. The easiest way to overcome this dilemma is to start with the basics. These pieces are essential because these serve as the foundation of your new wardrobe. Plus, these clothes are often interchangeable and can be used in different combinations with other items in your closet. Start with a quality suit that you can use for a diverse array of occasions, from weddings to funerals, from job interviews to business meetings. To complement your suit, you will need a white dress shirt, a dark necktie, and dress shoes. For work, invest in a navy sport coat which you can use for date night or while traveling. Complete your look with an Oxford shirt which can be worn for work and play. For play, you will need raw denim jeans and cotton chinos, a solid-colored sweater, a few button-up shirts, a plain white tee, casual leather shoes, and plain white sneakers. From there, you can add pieces that will accentuate your style. However, these basics should make up most of your wardrobe. Whether you are a briefs or boxers kind of guy, make sure that you replenish your supply of undies at least once a year. Most likely, shoes are the last thing that you put on before going out. But the truth is, people do notice your shoes. Being stylish does not necessarily mean owning a separate closet for shoes. You do, however, need to focus on quality instead of quantity.

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