Who is better, Wilt Chamberlain or Bill Russell? Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or Larry Bird? Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan? LeBron James has been in that conversation for some time. Or is he the GOAT? Where to begin? James is the only player to have gone to nine or more Finals across three different teams: five with the Cleveland Cavaliers, four with the Miami Heat and one with the Lakers. Wherever he goes, greatness follows. Only Michael Jordan has more with six. James could play for much longer. He could launch another Lakers dynasty. And he still has time on his side to break even more records. Trump and the US Presidential election. That same season James was drafted No. Similarly, James joined a Cleveland Cavaliers side in that over the previous five seasons had won just games of a possible He was also the hometown kid, expected to bring great things since he was in his early teens. Like Jordan, he turned a bottom feeder into a challenger. James won only one title with Cleveland in the four NBA Finals he reached with the Cavaliers, but he did not have the caliber of supporting cast around him that Jordan did, notably Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman. And before Rodman, Jordan had Horace Grant. James only got that kind of support in Miami when he formed a super team with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, winning his first two NBA championships in the process and making the Finals in all four seasons he played down in South Beach. Irving and Love have never played as well as they did with James. That victory for the Cavaliers came against the rampant, dynastic Golden State Warriors team who were at one point leading the best-of-seven series When Lakers legend Kobe Bryant retired in , the team finished with their worst ever season record of Basketball is a team sport where statistics reign. Metrics like points scored, percentage of shots made, accumulated rebounds and assists, and games won are where the sport and its players are judged. And greats of the game should not be measured on play alone, but how they impact the sport, too. Yet basketball in the 50s and 60s was a completely different game to what we see today. READ: Buy! Jordan and James both turned around losing franchises and made them winners. James even brought the city of Cleveland its first major sport title in 52 years. Jordan also changed basketball and the NBA for the better financially and culturally. He popularized the game globally. In , James set up the I Promise school that aims to provide an education for at-risk children in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. Guaranteed tuition to the University of Akron is also provided for all graduates of the school. In this year of all years, the NBA has been proactively using its platform. James has repeatedly involved himself in political discourse, even though he knows it could harm his image to sections of society. The police brutality and so on and so on and so on. Us being here and having the opportunity to talk about these issues and continuing to understand that this world is not just about basketball. If you can make an impact or you can make a change or you can have a vision, it just helps out so much, not only in your community but all over the world. Going into the playoffs as the No.

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