What do you think gravity might be like on some of the other planets? More than Earth? Less than Earth? If you drew arrows showing which way the apples would fall, would they all point in the same direction? Which way would each arrow point? If you have more time, view the assessment , reading , and extension activity in the extensions. The Asteroid Jump asks students what would happen if they tried jumping between tiny asteroids in space. Students will need to use their understanding of gravity to find the answer to these imaginary scenarios! Using magnets, paperclips, and string, you can create this simple set-up to explore what happens when the force of magnets is greater than the force of gravity. Invite your students to consider what would happen to this apparatus on other planets. What would be the same? What would be different? What if you changed the strength of the magnets? With this simple online activity from the Exploratorium , students can input their weight to see how much they would weigh on other planets. Your weight changes because the gravitational pull of other planets is different. The more gravity, the more you weigh! Readworks and NASA tackle challenging questions in these readings. All the answers relate to gravity, a fundamental force that most of us take for granted. What is gravity really? Readworks, Grade 4. What's It Like in Space? Readworks, Grade 3. Why Are All Planets Round? Mystery Science respects the intellectual property rights of the owners of visual assets. We make every effort to use images and videos under appropriate licenses from the owner or by reaching out to the owner to get explicit permission. If you are the owner of a visual and believe we are using it without permission, please contact us —we will reply promptly and make things right. In this Mystery, students discover that gravity exists on all planets and moons, but the amount of gravity is different because it depends on how massive the object is. In the activity, Gravity Jump, students learn about the gravitational pull of the Earth, the Moon, and other places within our Solar System. Students measure how high they can jump on Earth and then calculate how high they would be able to jump on other planets. Preview activity.

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