All stories Twitter Facebook Sign up to the Bookmarks email. After a lifetime of tragedies and dashed hopes, will he finally triumph? And what would it mean if he does? Comfortable tropes are mixed with darker themes in a zeitgeisty comic novel about thirtysomething life. News Gulf royal accused of sexual assault must go, says Hay literature festival. Chris Hoy I had no natural ability as a cyclist! Love Island's Ovie Soko It takes guts to live by your internal compass. The TV show fan favourite who won hearts with his self-possession and sound advice has written a self-help book. Biggest books of autumn What to read in a very busy year. As for what is already out The best books and audiobooks of Following a man who returns to his childhood home to care for his dying father, this comedic and painful novel is an unexpected delight. The shortlist Read along with us! Hamnet by Maggie O'Farrell A moving portrayal of grief. Akin by Emma Donoghue Daft premise, good writing. This debut, following a Nigerian teenager sold into domestic slavery, contains linguistic exuberance and emotional heft. This action-packed dystopian drama following a group of neurodivergent teens is hugely popular. It is not for me, but that is part of its strength. This debut is a warm, if familiar, story about immigration and friendship in midth century Britain. The author tackles Kashmir, Hindu nationalism and the dangers of being outspoken in this startling collection of essays. There are glimpses of Tremain at her best in a passionate tale of coloniser and colonised in the British empire. Science fiction and fantasy The best recent releases. With subtlety and wit, this prizewinning debut explores a liaison across race and class divisions in Canada. Fiction Earthlings by Sayaka Murata — compellingly weird. Children's book roundup The best new picture books and novels. Consumerist cavemen, sibling rivalry, a dragon obsessed with buttons and the best new YA novels. Elmer author David McKee I've never been a prize winner. The creator of the patchwork elephant and Mr Benn has won the BookTrust lifetime achievement award. He reflects on his career and explains why his best ideas come to him in the bath. Young adult books Review round-up Fiona Noble. Ancient legends, fairytales and real-life injustice inform the latest crop of fiction for teenagers. Don DeLillo I wondered what would happen if power failed everywhere. The US novelist, long preoccupied by the uneasy reality of western society, talks about his latest book, set in a world hit by a tech blackout. Art Spiegelman The graphic artist on Maus, politics and 'drawing badly'. Michiko Kakutani It is more rewarding to debate than hit delete. The venerated US critic talks about her new essay collection, the limits of cancel culture and her regard for Muhammad Ali.

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