Can you please go over this essay and make any changes necessary to get the best grade following the prompt :. This essay is taken from our text Writing Logically, Thinking Critically, where it is presented in its entirety. Do not describe a tribe or culture that already exists. Use your imagination and your impressions. The objective of this paper is for you to have the opportunity to formulate a thesis, to provide development and support for your ideas , and to demonstrate your ability to structure a clear and effective essay. They are not referred to at all. Go back and look at the prompt to see how this essay does not address the task presented. There are special features which characterize this tribe, such as special form of economic practices, unique language, different form of leadership styles and political system, social interactions and the manner in which knowledge is transferred from generation to generation. For example, knowledge is stored in memories of elders, hunters and gatherers, midwives, healers, farmers, fishermen and hunters among others. Current population on the earth is over ten thousand with high chances of becoming extinct due to the nature of their ancient life. Members of this society have been able to devise and develop innumerable technologies being the best at their level of understanding. For example, Lost Tribe men are highly accredited for inventing ways of practicing agriculture in already sidelined areas such as deserts; with minimal irrigation practices. They are able to produce more food from the rain forest without destroying delicate balance which regulates the ecosystem. Lost Tribe community members are also accredited for being inventors of water vessels which enable them to navigate over long distances in the Pacific Ocean; relying on their knowledge of the currents and the water waves. Health is one of the most important aspects for members of the Lost Tribe. They have mastered the art of exploring medicinal properties of plants; and are fully aware of the basic ecology for both flora and fauna. Despite the fact of the latest innovations in the field of medicine, Lost Tribe is still intact with their ecosystem for curing diseases by relying on herbs and plants considered to be of medical values. However, they are at risk of losing this knowledge due to mismanagement of the environment by industrialists and those who carry out research in the field of anthropology and other social sciences. These people are being threatened due to development practices which encroach on their indigenous land and traditional way of lifestyle. This is one of the major factors that are causing disappearance of the indigenous knowledge in the society. Evidently, a section of community members have started to embrace western civilization by enrolling into institutions of higher learning thus ending up forgetting indigenous knowledge of their community members. Despite the fact of these problems, Lost Tribe occupies the same topographical area; being region of the Amazon. Lost Tribe members are known for their unique sense of unity. This unity is highly manifested during times of war and peace. They have their own unique style of conflict resolution; which is being done by senior society members. In order to enhance unity within the community, marriage outside the tribe highly prohibited. This is justified any the fact that inter-clan marriages protect common dialect which in turn strengthens sense of unity in the community. Blood-relation is the greatest bond and the most powerful force for in-calculating societal values and ensuring that peace and harmony in the society is highly maintained. The political system is designed in such a way that members are protected against any form of intrusion from external forces. The supreme power is vested among people who elect their leaders through a special system of election; which is done under special conditions. There is a committee that is dedicated with the mandate of streamlining leadership and ensuring that there are minimal conflicts within the society. Political system is highly enhanced by the common culture that is embraced by the community members. The Lost Tribe members speak a common ancient language, have their own system of ancient religion thus presence of homogeneity among the society. Kinship is highly valued and embraced by members of the community. This is cornerstone of social organization. Lost Tribe is divided into exogamous clans and other systems of lineages.

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