Find Peace in God. Let us pray with you. I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, who will stay with you forever John It was the sixth day. God Almighty had just finished creating all the living creatures that move along the ground. As He had at each stage of creation, God paused and evaluated His work. Only one more task remained. Here was God's only creation that would not live its life in total ignorance of its Creator. Rather, made in God's image, Adam would fulfill a role no other creature could -- he would have fellowship with God and be the object of His love. But after placing Adam in the Garden, God observed that there was still something missing. I will make a helper suitable for him'" Genesis God recognized Adam's need for contact with another human being -- a need God had built into him. More than just a fellow inhabitant of Eden, Eve would be the object of Adam's love and would love him in return. She would share the wonders of creation and the responsibilities of stewardship. With the creation of Eve, Adam's intimate relationship with God was complemented by communion and companionship with someone like himself. By God's design we have an innate need to be loved and belong. As children we learn to give and receive affection and are taught the skills that will help us find acceptance in society. Through our relationships with family, friends, co-workers and others, we form our sense of individuality and find our place in the mosaic of life. It's when that need for affection and fellowship goes unfulfilled, that we become restless, unhappy If you are struggling with loneliness, you're not alone. Everyone experiences seasons of isolation for one reason or another. Usually we overcome loneliness by meeting new friends, entering new social circles, or taking some other action that reengages us with people. However, a variety of personal factors and other circumstances can sometimes short-circuit our ability to connect with others. Perhaps you have become insecure about meeting new people after the death of a loved one. Maybe some social setbacks have led you to think that no one would be interested in your company. Relocating to a new area may have left you yearning for old friendships and unable to start new ones. There are many ways that long-term loneliness can take over our lives. Loneliness doesn't develop overnight. It can be the result of a lifetime of influences that shape our personality. Or it can evolve after a major transition or trauma. Often we are unaware of the subtle forces that can slowly lead us into self-imposed isolation. Some people tend to be loners because of circumstances in their childhood development. For example, growing up with an unaffectionate or overly critical parent may make one shy away from intimacy with others.

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