Playwright Israel Zangwill Is United States of America in the second decade of 21st century a melting pot -- the kind of melting pot that was envisaged by Israel Zangwill close to years ago? The answer is an overwhelming no. Today more than ever there is no one idea of Americanness or American culture that is acceptable across the board. Most of this is attributable to the differences in the immigration patterns as they existed in and today. In most of the immigrants were of European background with a European heritage. Over a generation or two, these immigrants groups assimilated and integrated fully into American society as Americans. One notable exception was of course the African-American experience. Latter half of the 20th century however saw migration from areas that were as diverse as China, Vietnam, the Indian subcontinent and the Arab world. These migrants have brought their…… [Read More]. Island at the Center of. The author's point is to show the development of a nation through one European settlement and its metamorphosis, and he does that quite well. He shows that the Dutch still have influence in American culture, even though we might not recognize it, and he shows that it truly takes many cultures to blend together to form a more "firm and perfect union. Today, we think nothing of traveling around the world, but in the early s, when the Dutch were settling the New World, it was an extremely risky adventure, and the book brings that risk and difficulty to light, as well. The author, Russell Shorto, has written two other history texts, and has also written for publications such as the New York Times. Unlike the Way the 'Race for the. This period is also commonly called "The Age of Discovery" by European historians. The economic impact of Spain's forays into the New World or worlds ultimately changed the face of European knowledge of the world and the economic structure of Europe. Both the residents of Spain and Europe as a whole, however, experienced both positive and negative effects of this exploration. However, the effects upon Europe were on the whole largely beneficial, because of the increased exposure to new goods and the expansion of…… [Read More]. Anne Hutchinson Fear of the. It is difficult to imagine the kinds of unfair discrimination that was wrought against women, witches, and anyone else who did go along with the status quo. However, in Winthrop's situation, the matter of survival was so acutely important that a strong-fisted rule was thought to be necessary. He expresses, more than once, in the trial transcript his fears that the entire colonial civilization could fall over this one woman's outspoken beliefs. Banishment was the only appropriate punishment, since it would remove her from the small, sealed world of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and ensure that she could not sway peoples' minds toward this outrageous idea of grace. It is almost comical to consider that now, in , we see crowds of Christians waving their hands in the air to feel the grace of God, an experience they believe is attainable simply through their faith. This is the exact kind…… [Read More]. Neal Salisbury Manitou and Providence. Neal Salisbury, Manitou and Providence, Q1. I was surprised at the initial good faith shown by the natives to the settlers. I was also surprised by the degree to which the natives were willing to trust the settlers, in exchange for trading agreements. The relationship between the natives and the settlers, which was unequal from its inception and in its subsequent outcome, is a powerful illustration of the danger of putting material goods at a higher priority than territorial security and upholding one's values as a people. Given the later animosity between the two sides, the agreement was extraordinary: both sides agreed to aid one another if attacked, to return any tools that were stolen reflecting European notions of personal property and thus an important point for the English , to disarm during meetings, and to turn over any Indians suspected of assaulting settlers to the English while the…… [Read More]. Spanish Inquisition in Colonial Latin America. Inquisitions have played a major role in the Catholic Church since early in the Church's history. They are considered one of the most shameful part of the history of the Catholic Church and part of the darkest periods in Jewish history. One of the great Catholic theologians, St. Augustine, offered support for the Inquisition process by citing from the Book of Luke, Then the master told his servant, "Go out to the roads and country lanes and make them come in, so that my house will be full.

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