It is a feeling we can all relate to at some point of our lives. Whether we are rich or poor, a scientist or an artist, we all experience the kind of feeling where we feel utterly alone in the world. Goodman Brown fears the devil and the evils in men, even himself. Rainsford is afraid of the wealthy Zaroff, him being evil by hunting men. The authors write us stories that bring out the deeper fears in us and makes them real. The difference. By using the. Indeed, this oxymoron represents the contrast between the glory of warriors celebrated by poets and the desperate reality of war. Moreover, it is an old lie, not simply because it has been told for centuries, but also because it is what old people told to the young generation, in order to send them. Eliot's poem "Portrait of a Lady" We will compare and contrast portraits of the different ladies. Firstly, it is necessary to state that these poems do not display a poetic construction of the female subject. We will appreciate several common aspects with respect to form, content and style undertaken by these two different poems. Donne experiments with the conceit in a mystical way referring to life's circular movement of death and renewal. In the poem, Donne compares himself and his lover to eagle and dove, to tapers, and phoenix and fly, in order to amplify the power of their love. The two lovers are compared to tapers burnt by fire; like they are burnt by the heat of their passion, yet their love will rise. With technology taking over our lives over the past few years, it is no surprise that some people would frown upon this change and yearn for the old. In Singapore, technology is winning the fight of man vs. The poets employ different structure, tone, and. First, we consider personification and metaphor which is employed to bring nature to life in both. Second, we look at temporality and tense formed by the grammar and nuances in diction. Third, narrator perspective and. Love can be seen as stereotypical, something that is interpreted as humble and embracing. However, love can be harsh, cruel, harmful and restrictive, a more realistic perspective than a prejudice fantasy. Compare, contrast and explore the themes and ideas in these poems and three other of your choice. Every novel or stories gives a fundamental ideas or lesson for the readers. Most of the lesson are informative and it brings a changes to the readers mind. There will be a universal of an ideas explored in a literature and readers can abstract numerous themes depending on each individual. His strength of mind is still strong like his youth. The old man Santiago struggles against marlin over day and night. Santiago travels far beyond from his home because he needs to reveal his strength and prove that he is still able to be the fisherman that he once was. He said man can be killed but not accept defeat from others. Santiago was brave enough to accept the unavoidable thing like death or his mind was ready to face any struggle but he was a man who refused to accept defeat. He prove himself as a determined man through killing his opponent marlin. His destruction over his enemy and shark shows a bravery and heroic qualities in him. He is even willing to sacrifice his own life to bring the marline at shore which shows that his bravery is stronger than any other thing. People should be brave and courage to deal any kind of situation in our life. The novella also conveyed to the readers about not to accept defeat without.

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