Kelvin Harrison Jr. Early on the men are yanked and sent to the big house. The ladies grab the Jewish area and take aim at Midtown. The pace changes often, there are story gaps and ideas suggested and not explored. And boy do we miss him today. Wallace had zero patience for prevaricators, liars, users, egomaniacs and systemic greed. This bristling, seismic portrait of a man himself deeply troubled, is composed mainly of Wallace own work, with a few contemporary interviews, allowing him to paint his own picture. His drive was perhaps distraction from his clinical depression and an unthinkable personal tragedy. As Bette Davis told him work is the only relationship that will never let you down. Belkin starts at the beginning with the abused child who felt ugly and ends with the legend who took on the world and changed the delivery of news. Superior doc on a man we desperately need today. When does the abuse in the US justice system end? Then he was arrested for moving the location of a video shoot. And then there was that time Brinley asked him, behind closed doors, to give her a shout out on an album. The probation system is devastating underprivileged communities and trapping over 4. Meek tells his story plainly and without exaggeration; one of his friends said it was sad to see him become comfortable in this personal hell. In brief times out of jail, he seems distracted and broken. And Drake? Yes, they go there. I went on an exploratory mission on a Roku stick and what I found has me scared. We are a spoiled people, having all of Roku and its varied and interesting content and other streaming services at our fingertips. But I was overjoyed to find Katharine Hepburn: The Great Kate on Roku, a German documentary on the incredible Connecticut Yankee actress whose legacy is as much personal as it is professional. Thanks Roku. Remember how exciting Avengers: Endgame was when you saw it last April? Yup — its available on DVD Tuesday. You may remember the Avengers: Infinity War massacre — Thanos destroyed the planet, wiped out half the superheroes and its inhabitants. The surviving heroes are in mourning and at their weakest. And Thanos is returning to finish the job. If this sounds like grand opera, it is. Swelling emotions, an epic scale and gob smacking immensity of Endgame elevate the entire superhero genre in a masterfully constructed three hours and one minute that honours the stories of almost thirty Avengers, allies and friends. Faithful to its core, dense and rich, nostalgic and yet new, it reaches far and succeeds with all the elements the fans will love. Robert Downey Jr. They must buck up and save the world. As cliched as it sounds, Anthony Russo and Joe Russo knit together all the required notes and bring in unexpected ones to a hard-hitting climax that may leave you in tears.

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