I was too busy engaging with the story to even bother considering the structure much which is strange for a structure centric piece of work I guess I just felt it was unnecessarily gimmicky which is almost an unfair thing to say given that his writing is so strong and he obviously doesn't beat you over the head with said gimmick or again I probably would have remembered the section titles but still Even now I can't stop asking myself why? Why no character names no place names why this Saramago y use of generalized distinguishers which worked well in Blindness but didn't sit uite as right here? Why metamess it all up? The few things that bothered me about it did so not because they were obtrusive or insulting to the intelligence but because they just seemed unnecessary Almost like he wasn't confident enough in the narrative he had forged to let it just be which is unfortunate because it totally could have rested on its laurels And that's the thing I really want to get across is once you wade in past the shallow end the water is really nice I mean I saw the ending coming from a thousand miles yonder but that can be satisfying sometimes right? Life doesn't only have to consist of wrong turns and cliffhangers yeah? Sometimes you just need the catharsis of a Six Feet Under finale Basically I probably will read something else by this guy because most likely all my complaints will be non issues while the praise worthy elements ideally remain present That is unless every book he writes is a pretend self help book which is an insane thought that I'm assuming has no basis in realityIn case you're wondering why I even picked this up in the first place if I'm crabbing on its basic structure let me clarify I read this for a first time ever in real life book club and being that I found a few pretty paramount elements of its intrinsic design to be bothersome I was not looking forward to self identifying as the prickly one right from the start Fortunately and not the discussion uickly devolved to a wine slugging flurry of mixed conversations about matters both book an. From the internationally bestselling author of The Reluctant Fundamentalist the boldly imagined tale of a poor boy's uest for wealth and love His first two novels established Mohsin Hamid as a radically inventive storyteller with his finger on the world's pulse How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia meets that reputation and exceeds it the astonishing and riveting tale of a man's journey from impoverished rural boy to corporate tycoon it st You are considering buying a work by Mohsin Hamid Something about the length and odd construction of the title puts you off And then there on the cover is that goldfish what is up with the goldfish? Is it a novel for you? Such decisions can be difficult On the plus side the work isn't very long and the page on does just ooze positive reviews And on the negative side? Well the idea of a novel written as a self help book seems off putting I know And likely not being in Rising Asia how concerned are you really about how to get Filthy Rich should you find yourself there? So let me put your mind at ease Yes Hamid writes from a perspective best described as unusual He constructed his brilliant second novel The Reluctant Fundamentalist as one side of a conversation in a cafe between a Fundamentalist Muslim who has in the West found material success and the darker side of the American Dream and a stranger who may or may not be a CIA agent Oh and the narrator may or may not be violent and interested in doing that stranger continually and disturbingly referred to as you as if the reader real harm Sound interesting? You'll just have to trust me it was an extraordinary readAs for How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia the novel's construction may seem odder still Written in the second person and constructed as a mock self help book the narrative follows an unnamed boy in an unnamed country as he pursues wealth in his unnamed city Despite the failure to name the location you may well conclude pretty uickly that it is somewhere on the subcontinent While letting this structure carry you away may take a dozen pages or so you can take my word that soon enough you will find yourself carried away by Hamid's smooth prose his disarming sense of humor and his preternatural ability to individualize characters who he rather brutally fails even to nameOh and did I mention to you the other excellent components of the narrative? Family strife Violence A romance A look at the dark underbelly of corruption in much of the world? Bottled water? Because it is sure to be one of the year's finest novels and you don't want to find yourself at a party forced to lie when all your friends are discussing its excellenceYes it is that good So why don't you add it to your cart already?

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