Gary VanDeaver addressed a range of concerns including passing a new state budget and drawing new legislative districts during next year's session of the state legislature. Court affirms life sentence for human trafficking A Texas appellate court affirmed Tuesday the life sentence of a woman sentenced to life for human trafficking earlier this year. Census Bureau: Fields of Faith event to be held virtually today Red River Fellowship of Christian Athletes' annual Fields of Faith event may look a little different in , but it is still happening. Published Oct. Texarkana family's longtime flooring tradition gets an update When one's family has been in the flooring trade since the middle of the last century, one might assume that kind of expertise is time tested and seeped in rich heritage. And it is. But this family's added a few new tricks to their repertoire and a new location to welcome customers on Texas Boulevard. The lunch was provided in conjunction with Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Virtual Wednesdays coming to Arkansas-side schools Trustees of the school district here approved adding Virtual Wednesdays to the school schedule during a regular meeting Tuesday evening. The goal is to provide additional support to teachers working with virtual and hybrid students. Older workers face higher unemployment amid pandemic For the first time in nearly 50 years, older workers face higher unemployment than their midcareer counterparts, according to a study released Tuesday by the New School university in New York City. Trump ups pressure on Barr to probe Bidens as election nears resident Donald Trump on Tuesday called on Attorney General William Barr to immediately launch an investigation into unverified claims about Democrat Joe Biden and his son Hunter, effectively demanding that the Justice Department muddy his political opponent and abandon its historic resistance to getting involved in elections. Texas, Arkansas join landmark antitrust case against Google The Justice Department on Tuesday sued Google for abusing its dominance in online search and advertising -- the government's most significant attempt to protect competition since its groundbreaking case against Microsoft more than 20 years ago. Police: Houston officer killed in shooting, another wounded A Houston police officer was killed and a teenager and another officer were wounded Tuesday when a man opened fire on law enforcement responding to a domestic disturbance call, authorities said. Coronavirus hospitalizations continue to soar across Texas New cases of the coronavirus continued to soar in Texas, state health officials said Tuesday, as the number of people in the state hospitalized because of the virus stayed at spiked levels not seen in two months. Letter to the Editor: Racism? After months of attacks, insults, guilt trips or any other attacks, physical or verbal on our nation's police, white race in general, and male in particular, some answers are in order! Pumpkins good for more than decoration When most people think of fall, they may think of cooler weather and fall decorations, including pumpkins. The word pumpkin makes one think of jack-o-lanterns or pumpkin pie. But pumpkins offer so much more! Colorful North African Fish Stew packed with flavor Spice up cod fish fillets with a blend of cumin, paprika, garlic and red bell peppers. It's a colorful dish packed with flavor. I used cod, but any type of white fish fillet can be used. The heat is up to you, if you like your sauce with more spice use a hot paprika instead. In a recent interview with Yaniv Cohen about his book, The Spice Kitchen, he explained how using just a few spices can help create a special dish with little effort. I adapted one of his recipes for this quick meal. Fall pasta dishes come together easily with veggies cooked ahead The secrets to carefree weekday pasta dinners? First, stock the fixings. Dried pastas, tinned tomatoes, hard grating cheese, fully cooked meatballs or sausage, dried herbs and olive oil. Second, prep a few things in advance. I roast vegetables, make sauces, saute onions and mushrooms, slip an extra ear or two of corn into the pot, even cook ground meat a day or two ahead. At dinner time, I simply reheat ingredients and boil water. Lasagna gets a vegetarian twist How do I know it's really fall?

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