One night in May, graphic artist Dave Barron found himself sitting up in bed, doodling. Against a dark background, a simple design in stark white emerged: eyeglasses, "," and a shock of unkempt white hair. For kicks, Barron posted the image on Facebook under the header, "My contribution to the campaign. He's not the only one. Outside the realm of official campaign buttons, mugs and tote bags, homegrown Sanders swag has proliferated like Subarus on Interstate The rise of Vermont's most famous socialist, it turns out, is working just fine for small-time capitalists. Burlington artist Madeline McLennon has sold so many of her Bernie tank tops that she was able to cut back hours at her day job to devote more time to her art. It's not just Vermonters making the stuff, either: In Boone, N. In its merch search, Seven Days couldn't help but notice that the items associated with other presidential candidates lack a certain impassioned authenticity. Donald Trump's Make America Great Again hats and Hillary Clinton's barbecue apron — Grillary Clinton — look like the products of campaign staffers who aren't as clever as they think. We've found products featuring Sanders as Doc from Back to the Future and firing rainbows from his hands while astride a unicorn. A Christmas ornament sports Bernie in a disco dance-off with Sen. Elizabeth Warren D-Mass. The makers' anecdotal sales figures support the narrative of Sanders on the rise. Dyer, for example, sells earrings featuring the faces of all presidential candidates. Guess whose mug is most in demand? Sanders, of course. Far and away. There's not really a close second. The line had a familiar ring to it. Was this what President John F. Kennedy said when announcing the Apollo moon missions? Ronald Reagan denouncing the Berlin Wall? Lincoln at Gettysburg? We asked the designer, but she didn't respond. She did, however, make one thing clear in a message printed on the underside of the bag. Just so you know. Altho we think he might like it. Just sayin. Gwynne Dyer isn't big into politics. But the many hours she's spent cutting out tiny images of Bernie's mug to make earrings may yet convert her. But he has an honest face. I look at their faces a lot, and I think he looks like a nice, honest man. Full text. The original print version of this article was headlined "Sanders Sells".

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