We support enterprises across sectors that generate positive environmental, social and economic impacts. These eco-inclusive enterprises stimulate sustainable development to reduce poverty and combat environmental degradation. The small and growing enterprises that we work with at SEED lead our global transition to a socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable green economy. Our programmes follow the logic that socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable innovation is generated through collaboration. At SEED, we are convinced that true value is created when diverse stakeholders join together to share knowledge, expertise and a passion for generating market-based solutions with environmental, social and economic benefits. Our programmes catalyse the innovative capacities of entrepreneurship and equip small and growing enterprises with the tools and resources to start-up and scale-up. We actively build a collaborative ecosystem — through prototyping labs, events and research — that mobilises financial institutions, policy-makers, NGOs and other key stakeholders to multiply the contributions of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship to sustainable development. Our Direct Enterprise Support programmes build the capacities of individual enterprises at multiple levels of development — from start-up to scale-up, awarding the best to encourage the rest. Learn more. Results of the Flagship Report. Results updated in annual reporting. Our enterprise is situated in a very remote part of Limpopo in South Africa and helps alleviate social struggles of the area by organically growing indigenous plants and creating jobs. Winning a SEED Award helped us immensely to gain popularity and be able to refine our business model. The SEED Replicator Workshop helped me to meet with other business partners and inspired me with examples of business models which are proven to work, and by knowing my audiences for business and how to detect, determine, discover and develop. To brainstorm solutions, problems, key activities, channels and value proposition. Our Ecosystem Building programmes foster the growth of an enabling environment around eco-inclusive enterprises to trigger collaboration and supportive financing and policy mechanisms. Most companies do not know how to quantify the economic, social and environmental benefits of their social enterprise. It is, therefore, our role my role as BDS provider to emphasise on this and assist them in calculating the contribution by using the [SEED] toolkit. Without question: Partnerships are not a pancake that will solve all problems of sustainable development. But they hold certain promises. The SEED partnerships demonstrate that they can bring local drive, innovation and new resources to bear on pressing issues. During this vibrant symposium, SEED championed not only new ideas but also highlighted the importance of how these great ideas can be scaled to create an even greater impact. The twofold objective of the European Union is to foster jobs creation and contribute to an economy more respectful of our environment. This means that we intend to engage more with the private sector on the sustainable path towards development. We want to build on the experience gained by SEED and support the incubation model for the creation and growth of more micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. This programme cycle will take place in , South Africa. Date of the first Workshop is 9 November After you have confirmed your email address and have logged in, you can navigate to the "Open Programmes" section and apply for this workshop. Apply for this workshop. Please be reminded that this workshop is targeted at participants from South Africa. This programme cycle will take place in , Indonesia. Date of the first Workshop is 16 November Please be reminded that this workshop is targeted at participants from Indonesia.

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